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2nd International Conference on Hospital Administration (ICHA)

 “Current and Future Hospital Needs: Better Insight on Innovation to Answer Hospital Management Challenges”


Organized by:

Center for Health Administration and Policy Studies (CHAMPS), Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia


Center for Health Administration and Policy Studies (CHAMPS) Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia was established in 2006 which was aimed to get involved in health system development in Indonesia by providing research, training, public discussion, conference, and conceptual assistance regarding health issues.

CHAMPS FKM UI has a program that focus on hospital issues, namely Hospital Management Program (HMP), supported by Johnson & Johnson APCC. HMP consists of many events such as training, seminar, and conference. One of the event is an annual event, known as Hospital Administration Conference (HAC). After succesfully conducted the first and second HAC, CHAMPS FKM UI brought HAC to a wider scope that targeted international speakers and participants which was named 1st International Conference of Hospital Administration (ICHA). This year, even though Johnson & Johnson no longer supports the HMP, CHAMPS FKM UI has plan to hold 2nd International Conference of Hospital Administration (ICHA) in collaboration with Directorate of Research and Community Enggagements (DRPM) Universitas Indonesia.

Nowadays, along withtechnology improvement and globalization, health issues have grown to be more complicated and reach wider area of intervention. Public are able to gain knowledge about their health through books, internet andother media. It drives public’s need and demand on better access, quality and cost in healthcare. A patient is not only depended on one doctor or facility because he can consult to another medical practioners or compare health treatment provided by several  hospitals. In order to survive, hospitals must compete to provide what public need.

In the other hand, this demand would require more resources to fulfill. Due to limited resources, healthcare have to be managed effectively and efficiently. Referring to iron triangle of healthcare, improvement in access and quality would affect on cost of care. To take care of this issue, healthcare should find  new method or new invention to give better access and quality of care with affordable cost. Thus, academia and professionals are challenged to make new innovationsin healthcare.

Based theese issues above, 2nd International Conference on Hospital Administration (ICHA) will present a theme, “Current and Future Hospital Needs: Better Insights on Innovation to Answer Hospital Management Challenges”. The purpose of this event is gathering all of healthcare and hospital stakeholders to disscuss strategies in developing the best quality of hospital services. Details of 2nd International Conference on Hospital Administration (ICHA) will be explained in the following pages.


Aim and Scope

2nd International Conference of Hospital Administration (ICHA) aims to:

  1. build a comprehensive understanding related to current and future issues in hospital management from various perspective,
  2. build a broader knowledge regarding current researches and new innovations in health care especially hospitals,
  3. provide suggestions to stakeholders in regard to improve hospital quality of care.


Details of Event

2nd International Conference of Hospital Administration(ICHA)consists of various event divided into Pre-conference and Conference

Pre conference

  • Workshop: Lean Method in Creating Effective and Efficient Hospitals
  • Workshop: Monitoring and Evaluation in Hospital


The conference will include following scientific programs.

Conference Day 1

  • Plenary Session

Financing Hospital : Innovation for Better Access and Quality of Care

  • Symposium
  1. Quality and Cost Control in Sharia Hospital
  2. Managing Patient Safety


Conference Day 2

  • Plenary Session

Leadership in Hospital: Encouraging Innovative Change

  • Symposium
  1. Applying Better Data for Better Health: Electronic Medical Record and IT Support
  2. Quality Improvement Tools: Driving Quality Improvement through Accreditation


International Advisory Board

 *to be confirmed



Scientific Committee:


Prof. dr. Amal Chalik Sjaaf, S.KM., Dr.PH (Universitas Indonesia)


  1. Dr. dr. Adik Wibowo, MPH (Universitas Indonesia)
  2. dr. Hasbullah Thabrany, MPH, Dr.PH (Universitas Indonesia)
  3. dr. Purnawan Junadi, MPH, Dr.PH (Universitas Indonesia)
  4. Budi Hidayat, SKM, MPPM, Ph.D (Universitas Indonesia)
  5. dr. AnhariAchadi, SKM, Sc.D (Universitas Indonesia)
  6. Dr. drg. Jaslis (Universitas Indonesia)
  7. drh. WikuAdisasmito, M.Sc, Ph.D (Universitas Indonesia)
  8. Suprijanto Riyadi, MPA, Ph.D (PERMAPKIN)
  9. Dra. Dumilah Ayuningtyas, MARS (Universitas Indonesia)
  10. drg. MardiatiNadjib, MS (Universitas Indonesia)
  11. Supriyantoro, Sp.P, MARS (IKESINDO)
  12. Syahrir A. Pasinringi, MS (Universitas Hassanuddin)

*internatinal members to be confirmed


Organizing Committee:

  1. General Chair: Dr. Ede Surya Darmawan, SKM, MDM
  2. Secretary: Eny Juliaty,SKM, MKM
  3. Finance: Tresnasari Satya Putri, SKM, MKM
  4. Publication Chair: Prof. Purnawan Junadi, MPH, Dr.PH
  5. Program Chair: Prof. Dr. dr. Adik Wibowo, MPH
  6. Technical Committee: Puput Oktamianti, SKM, MM
  7. Aulia Khairina, SKM
  8. Dini Hardy, SKM
  9. Anita P.,SKM


Call for Papers and Paralel Presentations

International Conference of Hospital Administration (ICHA)also consists of presentation of current research especially in hospital issues and new innovations that will be presented both oral and poster presentation. Healthcare practioners, public/private hospital professionals and students are welcome to submit paper on  the following but not limited topics :

  1. Quality, accreditation and safety
  2. Patient care and engagement
  3. Leadership, strategy and management
  4. Human capital management
  5. Innovation and sustainability
  6. Medical tourism
  7. Other Hospital Issues


Abstract and Manuscript Submission

Abstract writing must use the following format:

  1. Abstract should be written in English
  2. The title of paper should be concise, in bold capital letters, font size 14 and justified to the left. Single spasing is required.
  3. The author’s name should be begun with full name, middle initial and last name (the name of the presenting author should be underlined), font size 9, and justified to the left.
  4. The abstract text should be in Times New Roman, font 12, justified and with single spacing.
  5. The abstract should not exceed 300 words.
  6. The next of the abstract should include Introduction (Rationale, Objective), Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and 3-7 key words.
  7. Please indicate the topic you would like to have your abstract included.
  8. Full paper must be submitted after acceptance notification.

All authors are encouraged to submit abstracts through the online abstract submission system on http://www.champs.fkm.ui.ac.id/icha from 26th March – 27th July 2017.

Link submission



Registration Fee and Payment

Registration may be done electronically on http://www.champs.fkm.ui.ac.id/icha or manually by contacting our secretariat.


More information about visa, please visit: http://www.imigrasi.go.id/index.php/en/


Contact us

For further information, please contact CHAMPS (Center for Health Administration and Policy Studies) Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia.

Phone : +6221 – 7867380
Fax : +6221 – 7867370
Mobile : +6282258571353 or +6285251256425 (Airin)
Email : icha@ui.ac.id, champsui09@gmail.com
Web : scholar.ui.ac.id/icha
Twitter : @champsui
Facebook : CHAMPS FKM UI


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