Warna Warni dalam Naskah Kakawin Sumanasantaka

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Colors are part of daily needs because all objects have color. Colors have existed
since ancient times. We can see this in ancient manuscripts, one of them is Kakawin
Sumanasantaka by Mpu Monaguna. The aim of this paper is to see color lexicons
mentioned in the Sumanasantaka and the variations of the color lexicons that appear
in the Sumanasantaka. The conclusion is that in Kakawin Sumanasantaka found eight
basic color lexicons from eleven basic colors according to Berlin and Kay, and total
there were sixteen color lexicons. Some basic colors have more than one variation of
the lexicon. This shows that the Old Javanese language in Sumanasantaka also has
a variety of color lexicons that vary according to the color variations of objects in
Old Java. The variation of the color lexicon shows the richness of the Old Javanese
language. The white, yellow, blue and indigo lexicons in the Indonesian language have
been used since the Old Javanese period.
Original languageIndonesian
JournalPrajnaparamita Jurnal Museum Nasional
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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