Validity and reliability test of the Indonesian version of the PedHALshort questionnaire

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Introduction: The PedHAL questionnaire is employed in measuring the activities of haemophilia children. The PedHALshort was developed in 2022 to determine the most relevant item for the assessment. Haemo-QoL questionnaire assesses the quality of life of haemophilia children. Aim: Determine the validity and reliability of the PedHALshort Indonesia language version compared to the Haemo-QoL in the Indonesian population. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted in Jakarta, Indonesia. The subjects were children (4-16 years old) with moderate or severe haemophilia A or B with repeated joint bleeding. The daily activity was assessed using the PedHALshorts and Haemo-QoL. The validity and reliability were tested. The validity was determined with Pearson correlation test, construct validity was assessed using convergent and discriminant validity. The Spearman correlation was used to determine which domains of Haemo-QoL correlated with PedHALshort. The reliability was analyzed using test-retest reliability. Cronbach's α was used to determined internal consistency. Results: Fifty children were included in the study (78% haemophilia A, 70% severe group). All domains were valid (r >.284). The convergent validity test showed PedHALshort had a moderate negative correlation with physical health and sports school domain of Haemo-QoL (r = -.479, p <.001). The discriminant validity test showed the PedHALshort demonstrated a moderate negative correlation with physical health (r = -.585), view (r = -.590), sport school domain (r = -.430) in severe haemophilia subjects. The internal consistency of the PedHALshort questionnaire was high (Cronbach's α of.85 (.74–.92)). Conclusion: The PedHALshort is valid and reliable, hence, it can be used to measure the functional physical activity of children with haemophilia.

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  • daily activity
  • Haemo-QL
  • haemophilia
  • PedHAL
  • questionnaires


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