Urgensi Penguatan Partisipasi Dan Inisiatif Masyarakat Lokal Dalam Pengembangan Wisata Perdesaan

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Tourism is a growing sector both in terms of its industry and in terms of academic studies. Tourism is not only seen from the economic side, but across scientific disciplines, one of which is the sociology of tourism. Rural tourism activities are closely related to the community because they bring together tourists and local communities in a social interaction. Rural tourism is one of the opportunities for the development of villages and the development of national tourism. The development of rural tourism is closely related to community participation. This has happened in several rural tourism destinations in Indonesia. This study tries to analyze the strategy of growing participation of local communities in rural tourism development. This study was conducted with a qualitative approach through a case study of rural tourism destinations. The results of the study show that community participation plays a very important role in the success of rural tourism development. Participation must be built together with community initiatives. At the same time the participation process must be able to produce local champions who are able to become agent of change in the community. The process of building community participation in any context requires the support of the parties involved in it so as to accelerate the success of a rural tourism destination. Positive and productive community participation will support the success of sustainable rural tourism.

Keywords: Community Participation, Local Champions, Sustainable Tourism, Rural Tourism
Original languageEnglish
JournalSosioglobal : Jurnal Pemikiran dan Penelitian Sosiologi
Publication statusPublished - 2020


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