Transverse vaginal septum managed by simple flap surgery technique: A case report

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Background: Transverse Vaginal Septum (TVS) is a rare congenital abnormality, classified as the Mullerian duct anomaly development.1,2 TVS incidence range from 1:2.000 to 1:72.000. Management of TVS may only requirement local excision with a simple end to end anastomosis of the vagina, and use of skin grafts, but this technique has been reported has common complications of secondary tissue contracture, which often lead to stenosis of the vagina.3 In this case we managed TVS with simple flap technique to avoid such postoperative complications and maintain caliber of vagina. Case: A 11 years old girl complained cyclical abdominal pain since a year ago without history of menstrual blood. Patient already had vaginal surgery for removing menstrual blood, but after vaginal surgery the menstrual blood cannot be removed, then referred to our hospital. Ultrasound examination revealed hematometra and hemocolpos. The septum location was 3,38 cm proximal distance from vaginal introitus with the thickness of 8.1 mm. We performed simple excision of the septum with formerly performed distal vaginal septum mucosa preparation creating lateral flaps, then approximating the flaps to the edge of the proximal vaginal mucosa with interrupted suture continued with hymenorraphy. The patient has no complaint 6 months after surgery with vaginal length 8 cm, and had regular menstrual cycle. Conclusion: A simple flap surgery technique can be done in transverse vaginal septum, with no complication such as tissue contracture, vaginal stenosis, or insightly scarring. This is a simple technique and can be done with hymenorraphy to restore normal anatomy of hymen.

Original languageEnglish
Article number105990
JournalInternational Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2021


  • Simple flap vaginal technique
  • Surgery management
  • Transverse vaginal septum


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