Thermal radiant cooling system using recycled water from swimming pool

Firdaus Ali, Marsya D. Putri, Madina R. Firdaus

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Global warming has an impact on the high room temperature, that can cause excessive use of air conditioning (energy). This directly give contribution not only on the high electricity usage but also energy consumption which is related to the decreasing environmental quality (greenhouse gases emission). In this study, the main concern is to see the potential in maximizing the role of recycled water as air conditioning elements for cooling system. The recycled water referred to this study is the used water originating from the swimming pool area, in which the pool itself acts as a part of the recirculating water system. The system consists of pipe grids in different lengths and widths in suspended ceilings or concealed has possibility to adjust the heat radiation from tempered walls directly to the room. The pipe grids itself serves as a cooling agent. This research was conducted adopting basic equations for radiant heat transfer, the equations makes it easier when application in the field so it can be used to determine the cooling effect produced. Calculation method conducts analysis to the surface of the panel which was exposed to the radiation load which would then be transfered by recycled water from swimming pool. The calculation method obtained through this study is expected to be used as a reference in recycled water for the cooling system to the room. An assumption calculation is done to see the potential of the radiant panels surface cooling efficiency, particularly by looking from the pipe type variable aspect that showed Copper with a surface cooling efficiency value of 3,080 should be used as pipe type for future research with purpose to achieve a higher surface cooling efficiency without cost limitation. This research was carried out by adopting various methods that can overcome ecological problems so that the results will not only provides comfort for the user of the room, but also as a reference for environmentally friendly building designs.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)229-234
Number of pages6
JournalChemical Engineering Transactions
Publication statusPublished - 2021


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