The Worker Characteristic: The Decision to Commute or Not

I.G.A.A Karishma Maharani Raijaya, Chotib

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Commuting is a type of non-permanent mobility where a person works in a different place from his residence.Many problems will arise when the rate of mobility is high, one of them is in Jabodetabek. Jabodetabek certainly have a special pattern in the mobility of its workers or maybe the year change can also change the mobility patterns in Jabodetabek. Therefore, this study will try to analyze and estimate the influence of the social and demographic characteristics of workers in the Jakarta metropolitan areaon their decision to commute or not. If more commuter workers are less educated and do not have training certificates, this will have an impact on the burden of the Jabodetabek Metropolitan area.This study uses Sakernas 2018 data, using the Binary Logistic Regression model. The results of this study are the variables of education, gender, and age affect the decision to commute in Jabodetabek
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)31-42
JournalJurnal Litbang Sukowati : Media Penelitian dan Pengembangan
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 11 May 2020


  • commuter
  • worker
  • election
  • jabodetabek
  • binary logistic


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