The Need for Assessment of the Primary Care Physicians’ Competence by Patients and Community in Indonesia

Indang Trihandini, Kusharisupeni Kusharisupeni, Luknis Sabri, Sudijanto Kamso, Dhanasari Vidiawati Sanyoto

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Primary care physician is one of the main factors that may improve the quality of life of the community, especially in health aspect. Therefore, the need assessment of the primary care physicians’ competence by patients and community is necessary. This study aimed at identifying the primary care physicians’ competence and factors associated with patients’ and community’s needs. The study was conducted in six cities: Pontianak, Lampung, Makassar, Jakarta, Denpasar, and Ternate. The study used quantitative approach through survey and qualitative approach through in-depth interviews. Two types of survey were carried out, i.e. exit survey (patient as a unit sample) and community survey (household nearby the health facilities as a unit sample). There were 557 patients involved in exit survey and 240 households involved in community survey through random selection. There were 24 informants for the qualitative study: 4 informants per city consisted of two persons from the nearby health facilities and two community leaders. The study results showed the lack of effective doctor–patient communication. Other competency that needed improvement was medical ethics. Education, employment, and age were factors associated with physician competence on effective communication, management of health problems, and the basic medical knowledge. To ensure the overall competencies to be accepted by the patient and the community, it was suggested to develop medical training materials, which integrate medical technology, skill improvement, and morale. Special training might be needed for physicians who are going to work in primary health care facilities in areas with particular health problems.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of the Indonesian Medical Association : Majalah Kedokteran Indonesia
Publication statusPublished - 2010


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