The Mapping of Small and Medium Creative Industries in Depok in Preparation of Regional Competitiveness

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Regional competitiveness is an inseparable part of local economy development; each region has its own potential for unique core competence. In analyzing competitiveness, Porter introduces the diamond model, where a nation's industrial success results from an optimum collaboration among national potentials. This study reviews the potentials of Depok's small and medium enterprises in the creative industry. Through the combination of humanities, science and technology, the research is expected to result in a comprehensive review of spatially based regional potential. The quantitative-positivist approach and total sampling method are used. There are two categories of the survey instruments: First, general profiles of the locations and respondents' biodata. These are obtained from primary data (field survey) and secondary data (information from related government institutions). Second, business condition and environment whose parameters refer to environmental components that determine competitiveness. Components in the input factor parameter are supported by spatial overviews related to the origins and characteristics of the workforce, origins of the production materials and equipments, and analysis on the local capacity to provide the input factor parameter. The purpose of spatial overviews on the buyer parameter is to discover consumer distribution and potentials of the product consumers. Next, supporting and related industries are reviewed in relation to their influence on the creative industry's spatial existence, using the superimposed and geostatistics analysis. To complete the review, the researcher, using the same method, analyzes the spatial capacity of supporting facilities and infrastructures, and reviews demographical factors as well as the local government's regional layout policy. Through a multidisciplinary approach, the research is expected to contribute to the Depok government's competitiveness strategy in the future, which in turn will improve the local residents' welfare and living.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2013


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