The Gap on Architecture Conservation Regulations from Colonial until Postcolonial Era in Indonesia

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The Resilience in Building Heritage Conservation is built by the regulations. Heritage Conservation regulations established the foundation for protection of historic buildings and areas based on law enforcement for further human civilization benefit. In Indonesia, the Heritage Conservation Regulation had bee started since early 19th Century Colonial Era, and it was mostly done by the people from Archeological discipline. This paper will discuss the history of Heritage Conservation regulation in Indonesia that had changed from the Dutch colonial times until the Reformation era in Indonesia. This paper traces the issue about the gap in Architecture conservation Regulation in Indonesia. The Architect has a role in building the Conservation regulation in Indonesia. The article will be written in narration by a timeline from Indonesia and in Dutch rules from time to time. By comparing the Conservation in Dutch and Indonesia, this paper will found the gap between the two Regulations. The first discussion in this paper will show all the comparisons through narration in times the regulation in Dutch and Indonesia of Conservation and restoration work. The second discussion of this paper will discuss the case study of Borobudur as evidence through restoration and conservation work in Colonial until Postcolonial times. From those objectives, this paper aims to see how far The Architect roles build the Architecture conservation in Indonesia. This paper will strengthen the need for the new Regulations to make more proper protection in Heritage buildings and districts in Indonesia to be more sustainable in the Post Pandemic situation.

Original languageEnglish
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Number of pages7
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2022


  • Colonial
  • Conservation
  • Indonesia
  • Post-Colonial
  • regulation


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