"The Benefit Of Mentally And Social Health That Felt In Study Tour Recreatiol Activities : By Perspective OfStudents, Parents And Teachers"

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Recreaon provides mental and social health benefits. The study tour recreaon was held at Private X Middle School aims to add insight into culture, social and customs. Private Middle School X implements a full day school system. The length of study me causes students are bored. The purpose of this study was to find out the differences inmental and social health benefits that felt in study tour recreaon acvies by perspecve of students, parents and teachers. This was a Quantave study with descripve comparave design and cross seconal approach.The dependent variable was mental and social health and the independent variable was the perspecve of students, parents and teachers. The study was conducted in September 2018. The sample of this study was 63 people with a purposive sampling technique. Data analysis was univariate and bivariate (one way anova). The results of the study were univariate results, namely the perspecve of students' mean mental health value of 60.42 while social health was 49.76. The mean perspecve of mental health is 63.29 while the mean of social health was 49.39. The mean teacher's perspecve on mental health was 60.32 while the mean value of social health was 52.14. One way ANOVA test results obtained p value> 0.05 which was 0.536 and 0.568> 0.05 that there were no significant differences in mental and social health according to the perspecve of students, teachers and parents.The conclusion of the study that students, teachers and parents have the same perspecve on mental and social health in study tour acvies but the mental health benefits are more felt by students, parents and teachers than social health in the study tour recreaonal acvies. It is recommended for teachers to include outbound acvies and games in study tour recreaon,freeing students from acvies during the study tour but sll beingmonitored from a distance, adjusngrecreaon areas with student interest, forthe Health Office and the Educaon Office to collaborate to socialize the importance of outdoor recreaonal acvies to the community
Original languageEnglish
JournalJurnal Kesehatan Komunitas
Publication statusPublished - 2019


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