The application of cone penetration test direct method in Jakarta

F. A. Ridhani, E. Bahsan, T. Ilyas

Research output: Contribution to journalConference articlepeer-review


There are several methods to estimate the bearing capacity of pile foundation using cone penetration test (CPT). Hence, it is interesting to evaluate which method that suitable for a certain location. In this study, 55 piles histories in Jakarta, which consisted of bored piles and driven piles, are used in order to determine the bearing capacity using the following methods: Schmertmann, de Ruiter and Beringen, LCPC, Aoki and De Alencar, Penpile, Price and Wardle, Philipponnat, and Wesley. The pile capacities will be compared to the measured pile capacities from the bearing capacity from loading test: static pile load test which interpreted by Chin method and Decourt method, and the results from PDA testing. The statistical analyses used in this paper are the best fit line, mean and standard deviation, and log distribution with 20% of accuracy. Result shows that LCPC method is the most suitable direct method used in studied location as it has the best agreement among the methods mentioned; the cone penetration test direct method is more suitable used for driven pile; and the safety factor for Chin and Decourt loading test interpretation methods are 2.7 and 2.57 respectively according to Wesley direct method.

Original languageEnglish
Article number012029
JournalIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 10 Dec 2019
EventBroad Exposure to Science and Technology 2019, BEST 2019 - Bali, Indonesia
Duration: 7 Aug 20198 Aug 2019


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