Tele-ICU bermanfaat dalam pencapaian pelayanan berkualitas

Ichsan Rizany, Rr. Tutik Sri Hariyati

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The incidence of mortality in ICU was still very high. Critical Patients in ICU required a complex care. Conditions of complex care required the trained and competent nurses but deployment of personnel was still a constraint. The Utilization of tele-ICU have an chance to reduce mortality in patients. The purpose of this paper is to guide the use of Tele-ICU. The method used is literature review. Literature used from 2010 - 2017 such as journal and article. Tele-ICU is a technology facility that Provides long-range interactions by health workers to get the Data and conditions of ICU Patients Directly from the bedside. Communication in the tele-ICU is done through audio and video technology at the patient's bedside. Tele-ICU Provides a benefit to Patients, nurses and doctors. Utilization of tele-ICU have a key role in optimizing the quality of nursing care received by Patients in accordance with the arrangements and the right destination. Utilization of tele-ICU needs the support of top managers. The managers must perform properly management function to build a tele-ICU.
Original languageIndonesian
Pages (from-to)11-20
JournalJurnal Keperawatan dan Kesehatan
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1 Mar 2017


  • nurse, patient mortality, tele-ICU

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