Synergy of the Urban Infrastructure Development Policy at Jakabaring Area

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Space is a resource that is fully limited and has characteristics that are not uniform so that it does not have all kinds of functions that can be developed in the available space. Space limitation is needed for spatial planning activities that those designed according to the designation are adjusted, using development permit instruments. Jakabaring area as the center of urban development is the alternative to minimize the old city crowded, challenging traffic jams with old buildings had narrow streets. Within 20 years Jakabaring has developed as a new city that is facilitated all the new requirements for all and also made changes to the environment of the area that used to be a tidal swamp farming area and landfill. In implementing the policy of reclamation and development of urban infrastructure, it is often constrained such as: 1. The policies are not synergized between levels; 2. Submission of information and procedures for policies and the use of appropriate and environmentally friendly technologies, are not approved in a comprehensive, in discussions between agencies / institutions within the local government. The slow implementation of the synergy of development policies is caused because each part is related to the regulations given by each agency / institution, along with the budget set for the program that must be implemented in accordance with targets that must be agreed by each agency / institution. In the relationship between the center and the region, the existence of the Regional Autonomy Law, the synergy of development policies between the center and the regions is cut off because each region has the right to develop development policies in its area, while the center will assist the region in accelerating infrastructure development in the regions that produce policy at the central level.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSynergy of the Urban Infrastructure Development Policy at Jakabaring Area
PublisherAtlantis Press
Publication statusPublished - 2019


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