Sumber daya manusia dan manajemen organisasi dalam pelaksanaan upaya kesehatan masyarakat di dua kecamatan di Jakarta Timur

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The current health policy priorities and focus are increasingly showing that public health programs are the same or even more important than medical treatment in improving the health status of the population. Although the government has asked the community health centers and local administrators to focus on the development and implementation of public health programs, very few studies in Indonesia have focused on the ability of government organizations to actually implement public health programs. This study evaluates the relationship between public health outcomes and the relationship with availability of human resources and program implementation capacity of government organizations. Methods: The data comes from reported minimum service standards (SPM) in public health and clean and healthy living behavior (PHBS), the survey and in-depth interviews of 46 respondents from 17 community health centers and 14 urban villages in two sub-districts - Matraman and Jatinegara - in East Jakarta. Results: The study found that health outcome indicators in the two study areas were lower than national average outcomes despite adequate availability of tbs. In addition, the administrative and management capacity of the implementation process in the field is not as expected. Conclusions: This study showed the paradox of resource availability and the weakness in intersectoral collaboration and in program implementation management. Based on this, we discuss three implications. First, the cross-sectoral authority of the mayor should be the advocacy focus among public health community interest groups. Secondly, the hamlet administrators should improve their implementation management capacity to have more effective programs. Third, community health centers should have human resources equipped with program management and intersectoral advocacy competencies.
Original languageEnglish
JournalBerita Kedokteran Masyarakat
Publication statusPublished - 2018


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