Study of the role of oral health status variables in miscarriage events

Immanuel Oktavian, Irene Adyatmaka, Adang Bachtiar

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Immanuel Oktavian, Irene Adyatmaka, Adang Bachtiar The Indonesian MOH Ante Natal Care (ANC) guidelines did not included Oral Health status as a factor that plays a negative role during pregnancy and birth. This study aims to what Oral Health (OH) variables and how much it plays a role in the occurrence of Miscarriage. This research method uses secondary data from a Pilot Project of ANC Innovative at 23 locations in West-Kalimantan starting September 2021 it as 1). 254 ANCexamination cards, 2). OH examination cards, 3). End of pregnancy report, which recorded 238 births (93.7%), mainly consist of 179 Normal-Births (70.5%), Miscarriages 13 (5.1%). This study focused on the Miscarriage-(M) compared to the Normal Birth-(NB). We will divide 2 groups: 1). M - all variables were compared with NB and a T-Test. Only variables that show significant differences will be assessed as factors that play a role in miscarriage. The results: Tartar in M were 12 persons (92%), NB 132 (74%) RR=1,3. Cavities M 100% compared NB 69%RR=1,5. Purple-Plaques M 100% compared NB 85%RR=1,2. Purple and Blue Plaques M 100% compared NB 89% RR=1,1. Tartar Segments M 4,08 compared NB 3,07 RR=1,3. “”Severe Dysbiosis”” M 100% compared NB 74% RR=1,3. It was concluded that pregnant woman, related to oral health disorder indicate that the incidence of Miscarriage were higher between 1.1 times (up 10%) to 1.5 times (up 50%). In other words, Bad Oral Health in pregnant women is estimate to have a role of 10% to 50% higher in the incidence of miscarriage.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)335
Number of pages1
JournalPopulation Medicine
Publication statusPublished - 2023


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