Strategy Implementation Traceability of Breeding Shrimp Business in Indonesia

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Broodstock in the preparation of the document traceability from sea to table is upstream of all the problems in the shrimp business in Indonesia. Until now there has been no regulation or standard of Good Breeding Practices Operaional procedures that are technically capable of guaranteeing the treatment of antibiotics free. The research aims to identify, locate and establish a starting point in the implementation of traceability Indonesian shrimp from hatchery business. Analyzing the performance of the business associated with breeding success in the implementation of traceability as well as find the implementation strategy of Indonesia's shrimp traceability. The results showed that tracer code to recording the capture area of the broodstock and technically seeding practices is importance. Application numeric code that registered would be included in the memorandum of sale of seed should be done jointly by the Government and the Association of hatchery. Standards and sanctions, can be implemented by the supplier, and cold storage. Supplier has the right to buy at the local market price for non-tracer prawn; so that cold storage have to refuse shrimp if nothing to seed sales without a memorandum of traceability. Based on these simple sales memorandum format, traceability could have been implemented for accurate searching.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Agricultural Studies
Publication statusPublished - 2012


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