Strategi Devide et Impera oleh Amerika Serikat dalam Konflik di Suriah (2011-2018)

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Syria has become one of the Middle East actors that significantly gained concern from the United States (US). The complexity of conflict configuration in Syria pushed the US to attain its interests, namely anti-Bashar and anti-terrorism by implementing the strategy of Devide et Impera. On top of that, securing the existence of Israel is also achieved from this strategy. Through library research method, this article aims to analyze the background and actions taken by the US in implementing this strategy in Syria. The analysis conducted by elaborating the Hegemony and Devide et Impera theory. The first US interest of anti-Bashar is manifested in its democratization agenda and eradicating the influence of Iran as its rival in the region. The second US interest of anti-terrorism is manifested in the war against ISIS and its affiliates, and established counterterrorism coalition. From this research, the author found that the participation of US in this conflict in Syria is by supporting the moderate opposition forces and pro-Western values and fought against pro-regime forces and the Salafi-Jihadist groups shows the pattern of Devide et Impera strategy in the conflict in Syria in order to achieve its aforementioned interests.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJurnal Middle East and Islamic Studies (MEIS)
Publication statusPublished - 2020


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