Sleep Disturbances and Fatigue in Adolescents with Cancer Receiving Chemotherapy

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Sleep disturbances and fatigue are frequently complained by adolescents with cancer. These problems will lead to a variety of changes that may affect adolescents’ development. However, there is very limited data concerning adolescents with cancer in Indonesia. The research aims to explore sleep disturbances and fatigue in adolescents with cancer who are receiving chemotherapy. The research applies a qualitative design with phenomenology approach. Data were collected using in-depth interviews with seven adolescents with cancer in Jakarta, Bogor, and Bekasi. The interviews involved open questions on seven aspects, consisting of level of fatigue, responses to psychological drives, sleep disturbances, sleep disruption due to illness and chemotherapy, disruptions in some aspects of daily life, responses to problematic situations, and general perspective on life. Participants stated that chemotherapy induced sleep disturbances and fatigue, and this situation greatly influenced their overall quality of life. These problems are interrelated to each other and may affect the success of chemotherapy program. In terms of nursing, this research also shows the importance of developing a more effective system for managing sleep disturbances and fatigue during chemotherapy program.
Original languageEnglish
JournalMakara Journal of Health Research
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2014


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