Signifikansi Kajian Bahasa Semit dalam Linguistik Arab

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The Semith language is the most Afro-Asiatic language and the larges language area came us have writing and the faster. Discourse about it until now, no there are one opinion between linguistics scholars and histories scholars where the first place of semit growing. Many scholars says that Ethiopia and Levant its the first place. The others Scholars says it’s Kenya. Speakers of this tongue has claim that they are is the Sam family, he is one of a prophet Nuh’s son. So, it was inspired to give this brand of language as Semit Language. In its self, there are many colours and uniqies; like verbalition and aplhabetic, so Tri-Literal called. Or use consonan as basic meaning. The Semit language have four language parts, there are Accady, Can’an, Aromy, and Janiby. The study of this tongue bring us to more comprehenshif studies about the various of this family language, one of them is Arabic language.
Original languageIndonesian
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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