Separation of the longitudinal and transverse cross sections in the [Formula Presented] and [Formula Presented] reactions

R. M. Mohring, D. Abbott, A. Ahmidouch, Ts A. Amatuni, P. Ambrozewicz, T. Angelescu, C. S. Armstrong, J. Arrington, K. Assamagan, S. Avery, K. Bailey, K. Beard, S. Beedoe, E. J. Beise, H. Breuer, R. Carlini, J. Cha, C. C. Chang, N. Chant, E. CisbaniG. Collins, W. Cummings, S. Danagoulian, R. Leo, F. Duncan, J. Dunne, D. Dutta, T. Eden, R. Ent, L. Eyraud, L. Ewell, M. Finn, T. Fortune, V. Frolov, S. Frullani, C. Furget, F. Garibaldi, D. Gaskell, D. F. Geesaman, P. Gueye, K. K. Gustafsson, J. Hansen, M. Harvey, W. Hinton, E. Hungerford, M. Iodice, C. Jackson, C. Keppel, W. Kim, K. Kino, D. Koltenuk, S. Kox, L. Kramer, T. Leone, A. Lung, D. Mack, R. Madey, M. Maeda, S. Majewski, P. Markowitz, T. Mart, C. J. Martoff, D. Meekins, A. Mihul, J. Mitchell, H. Mkrtchyan, S. Mtingwa, I. Niculescu, R. Perrino, D. Potterveld, J. W. Price, B. A. Raue, J. Real, J. Reinhold, P. Roos, T. Saito, G. Savage, R. Sawafta, R. Segel, S. Stepanyan, P. Stoler, V. Tadevosian, L. Tang, L. Teodorescu, T. Terasawa, H. Tsubota, G. M. Urciuoli, J. Volmer, W. Vulcan, T. P. Welch, R. Williams, S. Wood, C. Yan, B. Zeidman

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We report measurements of cross sections for the reaction [Formula Presented] for both the Λ and [Formula Presented] hyperon states, at an invariant mass of [Formula Presented] and four-momentum transfers [Formula Presented] Data were taken for three values of virtual photon polarization [Formula Presented] allowing the decomposition of the cross sections into longitudinal and transverse components. The Λ data are a revised analysis of prior work, whereas the [Formula Presented] results have not been previously reported.

Original languageEnglish
JournalPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2003


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