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Interpersonal communication in government has its own mechanism which is identical with formal situation. This situation can lead face-to-face communication becomes stiff and tense. New media creates a new way how
to communicate and interaction between superior and subordinate within bureaucracy. However, although social media provides convenience and opportunity in interpersonal communication, the subordinates still felt
that there is a boundary to communicate with the superior. This study aims to know behavior of self-disclosure between superior and subordinate in The Audit Board of the Republic Indonesia (BPK RI) through Facebook. This study used in-depth interview method and observation of selected informants for data collection. Informants selected based on position, how long the informants working, how long the informants have the Facebook account and liveliness to use Facebook to communicate. Based on analysis of data collection, it can
be concluded that self-disclosure between superior and subordinate in social media, through Facebook, creates a new opportunity to establish interpersonal relations and changing the way to communicate each other. There are many factors that affect the speed of the development process of interpersonal relationship or instead decelarate. It is revealed that the disinclined also influence the way subordinate to disclosure themselves. Nevertheless, such barriers can be overcome through communication mediated by media social
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceeding The 1st International Conference on Social Sciences
Publication statusPublished - 2017


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