Relationship between emotional problems with self-esteem in adolescents

Fabrila Hasti Endah Ramadani, Budi Anna Keliat

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The emotional problem is one of many causes of a decrease in self-esteem in adolescents. This study aimed to determine the relationship between emotional problems with self-esteem in adolescents. The study used a descriptive correlative design with two sampling techniques; purposive sampling and stratified-cluster sampling. The research consisted of 268 high school adolescents in South Jakarta. Data were obtain using two questionnaires; Strength and Difficulties Questionnaire and the Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory. The majority of high school adolescents in South Jakarta have a moderate level of self-esteem of 54.9%. The emotional problems that adolescents have been within the normal range at 69%. Emotional problems have a significant relationship with self-esteem in adolescents. This research is expected to be the foundation for various promotion and prevention programs, such as leadership training, extracurricular activities, cognitive behavioral therapy, emotional intelligence training, group counseling, and mental health education.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)S190-S194
JournalEnfermeria Clinica
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2021


  • Adolescents
  • Emotional problems
  • Self-esteem


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