Reinventarization of living procedures, local knowledge, and wisdom to environment (Study case on Tobelo Tribe-Halmahera)

Donna Asteria, Agus Brotosusilo, M. R. Soedrajad, F. N. Nugraha

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Indonesia is a comprehensive and vast country with a lot of people inside of it. Diversity, or often referred to as cultural diversity, is a necessity in Indonesia. With a population of more than 250 million people spread throughout the archipelago in Indonesia. They inhabit areas with diverse geographical conditions but with the same climate. Every culture has social resources that support growth, such as traditional knowledge, wisdom, and ethics for the environment. This paper aims to review and evaluated the Tobelo tribe wisdom to the environment to utilize the qualitative method. Tobelo tribe acquire knowledge about the forest patterns in the forest to survive and avoid consumptive activities and modern lifestyles through their nomadic life. Forest are crucial for them cause forest is part of them. Through their knowledge and wisdom is to establish a harmonious human-environment relationship. That is a national asset that crucial for biodiversity and preventing harm to biodiversity and the environment.

Original languageEnglish
Article number012050
JournalIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1 Apr 2021
Event1st Journal of Environmental Science and Sustainable Development Symposium, JESSD 2020 - Jakarta, Virtual, Indonesia
Duration: 28 Sept 202030 Sept 2020


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