Readiness for Implementing Industry 4.0 in Food and Beverage Manufacturer in Indonesia

M. Ichsan, M. Dachyar, Farizal

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Industry 4.0 leads new digital solutions to optimize the entire value stream in the whole manufacturing production systems. Current production systems are often based on the continuous improvement approach of lean management. New opportunities arise by implementing Industry 4.0. The digital transformation towards smart connected factories causes enormous changes in mechanical engineering industry starting from the development of cyber physical systems up to their application in the whole production systems. This paper aims to present the current manufacture state of food and beverage manufactures and the framework to implement digital transformation towards Industry 4.0. Technology Organizational Environment (TOE) method is used. Then Analytical Network Process (ANP) is introduced to reflect the correlation among criteria based on readiness perspective. Finally VIKOR is employed to rank the options on the basis of expert subjective preferences.


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