Prophylactic Antibiotics to Prevent Cholangitis in Children with Biliary Atresia After Kasai Portoenterostomy: A Meta-Analysis

Fatima Safira Alatas, Glen Lazarus, Michelle Clarissa Junaidi, Hanifah Oswari

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Objectives: A connection between the bowel and bile ducts after the Kasai hepatoportoenterostomy (HPE) procedure poses a risk of ascending cholangitis. There were only a few evidence-based consensuses on the benefits of prophylactic antibiotics. This study aims to assess the value of prophylactic antibiotics in reducing the risk of cholangitis following the Kasai HPE procedure. Methods: Meta-analysis is performed using random-effects model from the search result of 5 online databases (PubMed, Google Scholar, EBSCO MEDLINE,, and EuropePMC) from inception to October 27, 2021. The keywords used were “antibiotic,” “antimicrobial,” “Kasai,” “portoenterostomy,” “biliary atresia,” and “bile duct atresia.” Cochrane Risk of Bias tool and Newcastle-Ottawa Scale is used to assess the risk of bias. The outcomes are incidence of cholangitis and native liver survival. Results: Six studies consisting of 4 cohorts and 2 cross-sectional studies were extracted. A total of 714 patients reported different cholangitis incidence after prophylactic antibiotics administration post-Kasai HPE. The incidence of cholangitis following Kasai HPE was not statistically significant among participants. There is conflicting evidence on the efficacy of antibiotics in prolonging native liver survival. Conclusions: The existing evidence does not support the administration of prophylactic antibiotics in preventing cholangitis after Kasai HPE among biliary atresia patients. Additionally, their roles in native liver survival are still inconclusive. The fact that there were heterogeneous method and antibiotic usage between existing studies must also be highlighted for better design in future studies.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)648-654
Number of pages7
JournalJournal of pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2023


  • antibiotic
  • biliary atresia
  • cholangitis
  • hepatoportoenterostomy
  • Kasai


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