Promote Urine AFM1 sub ppb preparation skill with immune affinity

Peni Kristijani Samsuria

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Introduction: There are strengthens potential to jump over to answering the need of urine AFM1 for public services Background: high prevalence of AFB1 exposure in wet n warm climate countries associated with health burden need to convince peoples and doctors in promotion. Problem: marketing of LC tandem MS are not synergies with skill training in preparation of urine samples. Objective: Competitor in analyzer should be diminish and preparation skill should be promoted in quantifying AFM1 in sub ppb for public services. Method: case report on sub ppb urine sample preparation Result: 1. ppb not sub ppb 2. Six samples preparation/day vs. min 120 sample/day till 1000 sample/day. 3. Quantification vs. qualification of AFB1/AFB1; AFG1/AFG2; AFM1/AFM2; other mycotoxin Discussion: theory and hands on in IMERI/ medical physics department on purification, filtration, bound to IAC, washing with UP water; drying, the making of Eluent, Evaporation with Nitrogen Gas, Mobile Phase 1 ml, Conclusion: 1 analyzer center minimal 100 preparation/ day and 15 preparation center near primary care because maximum each six preparation/ day last 6-8 hour for the immune affinity preparation.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2017
EventSeparation Science 2017 - SG, Singapore, Singapore
Duration: 1 Jan 2017 → …


ConferenceSeparation Science 2017
Period1/01/17 → …


  • large amount sample for analyzing, very low amount of preparation, urine AFM1 for public services


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