Profile of Hypertensive Patients in Indonesia National Referral Hospital

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Hypertension as a prevalent chronic disease requires lifelong therapy and cost inefficiency. Nephrology and hypertension department outpatient clinic in national referral hospital is often burdened with overwhelming number of patients. This study is aimed to identify the rate of controlled blood pressure and related factors of patients in dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo National Hospital (CMNH). A cross-sectional study was conducted in CMNH. Data were obtained from medical record of patients admitted for hypertension on May to July 2018. Data reviewed include blood pressure, sociodemographic, medication history, comorbidities, and supporting examinations. Among 301 medical record of patients admitted with hypertension, 37.5% of those patients have uncontrolled hypertension. Chi-square test reveals grade II hypertension (OR: 5.46 95% CI 3.03—9.83), low adherence (OR: 2.94 95% CI 1.46—5.92), combination of 3 drugs (OR: 4.80 95% CI 1.18—19.415), CKD grade IIIa (OR: 0.33 95% CI 0.10—1.01), grade IV (OR: 0.22 95% CI 0.80—0.61), and grade V (OR: 0.25 95% CI 0.08—0.70) to be significant difference. Multivariate analysis showed that on linear regression model, grade II hypertension is an independent variable to uncontrolled blood pressure while higher eGFR is a strong predictor of controlled blood pressure.
Original languageEnglish
JournaleJournal Kedokteran Indonesia
Publication statusPublished - 2019


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