Preventive conservation: environmentally friendly sustainable current practices in Asian libraries

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Purpose: This study aims to identify current practices of environmentally friendly sustainable preventive conservation in Asian libraries. Design/methodology/approach: This study uses a predominantly quantitative survey for data collection with a combination of open and closed questions. From 237 survey links sent, 22 responses were received from libraries in 16 Asian countries. Findings: This study uncovers current practices in four areas of environmentally sustainable preventive conservation in Asia: collection preservation, environmental monitoring and management, integrated pest management, and collections care and handling. Challenges to implementing sustainable preventive conservation were also revealed. Research limitations/implications: The response rate was relatively low, and responses were not received from all countries in Asia. As such, while the study provides a starting point for further research, it cannot be assumed that the findings are representative of Asian libraries in general. In addition, some aspects of preventive conservation (for example, disaster preparedness, exhibition) and library preservation management were excluded from the study, and research on these topics, together with environmental and economic factors, is encouraged, along with qualitative research methods. Practical implications: This study highlights the environmentally friendly sustainable initiatives that libraries employ in their preservation programmes and increases awareness of challenges to implementing those initiatives. Originality/value: To date there has been little research on environmentally sustainable preventive conservation practices within Asia's libraries. This study therefore makes a valuable contribution to understanding current practices of preventive conservation in Asia.

Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2023


  • Library conservation
  • Library preservation
  • Preventive conservation
  • Sustainable practices
  • Sustainable preventive conservation


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