Prevalensi dan Determinan Sindrom Metabolik pada Kelompok Eksekutif di Jakarta dan Sekitarnya

Sudijanto Kamso, Purwantyastuti Purwantyastuti, Dharmayati Utoyo Lubis, Ratna Juwita, Yull Kurnia Robbi, Besral

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Available datas on metabolic syndrome among Indonesian executives are limited, despite the fact of the importance of these data for cardiovaskular prevention. The objective of this study was to assess prevalence of metabolic syndrome and its associations between anthropometric measures, lipid profiles, blood pressure, nutrient intakes, and life style in executive group. A cross sectional study was undertaken in some factories
in Jakarta, using multistage random sampling. The respondents were 287 executives, 219 male and 68 female. Data were collected through anthropometric measurements, biochemical blood analysis, nutrient intake, stress score, and activity index assessment. Multiple logistic regression analysis used to assess associations between independent variables and metabolic syndrome. This study showed that body mass index (overweight, odds ratio (OR) = 5,54; obesity, OR = 7,44) and ratio serum total cholesterol to high density lipoprotein (HDL)-cholesterol (OR = 8,83) were potential determinants of metabolic syndrome. This study shows the importance of routine check of lipid profile, blood pressure, and simple anthropometric assessment to detect the risk of metabolic syndrome in the elderly.
Original languageIndonesian
Pages (from-to)85-90
JournalKesmas: Jurnal Kesehatan Masyarakat Nasional
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2011

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