Prefabricated house in real estate business development in Jabodetabek

Raka Gumilang Raksamala Basmara Putra, Dalhar Susanto

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Within constructional technology prefabricated house is known as a house whose most of the components like walls, roofs, toilets, and structural cubes and columns are designated and produced in factory and assembled in site. Based on the experience in certain countries, prefabricated house has successfully entered commercial market. Prefabricated house shows a better infestation value than conventional houses. With prefabrication technology, building construction could be done faster and cost lower price, along with a good craftsmanship quality. Until now, Indonesia is still facing settlements issues and one of them is housing backlog whose amount revolves around 13 Million units. Prefabricated houses potentially solve the settlement issue in Indonesia in a much faster way. Yet the development of prefabricated house has not been accepted well in the market yet, both by the producers and the consumers. This writing talks about the result of the research about the causes of the lack of development in Indonesia when it comes to prefabricated houses though the method of comparison; comparing prefabricated house with conventional house when it comes to its 1) productivity rate, 2) consumers preference and 3) infestation performance. The data is collected through survey methods, interview and questionnaires. The result shows that even though the productivity rate when it comes to quality and time is high, prefabricated house shows low productivity when it comes to cost because it requires greater cost than it is in conventional houses. Other than that, the lack of business development when it comes to prefabricated houses is caused by the low preference of consumers toward the product- because of its inflexibility and monotonous appearance. The infestation of prefabricated house development shows a low NPV and IRR. With a more proper infestation approach such as mass constructions with effective numbers, good flexibility, and various appearances, prefabricated house could have a chance to be accepted in real estate commercial market in Indonesia especially in Jabodetabek.

Original languageEnglish
Article number012022
JournalIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 5 Jan 2018
EventInternational Conference on Sustainability in Architectural Design and Urbanism 2017, ICSADU 2017 - Semarang, Indonesia
Duration: 9 Aug 201710 Aug 2017


  • Prefabricated House
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