Pramuka and pengakap: The harmony of Indonesia and Malaysia

Sitti Utami Haryanti, Agus Setiawan

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The geographical position of Indonesia and Malaysia, which are in the same cluster of Malay and close to each other, causes these two countries to have many similar characteristics, such as their culture, social development, and beliefs held by the inhabitants. As a result, the close proximity of Indonesia and Malaysia opens up risks for various problems, like territorial boundary problems or cultural claims. Nevertheless, there are always efforts to reconciliate the problems that exist. The adjacent geographical position provides an opportunity for two countries to conduct bilateral cooperation. In relation to this, this article discusses the dynamics of cooperation between Indonesia and Malaysia in the field of culture, specifically scouting. This chapter uses historical method based on both primary and secondary written sources, including interviews with people related to cooperation efforts between Indonesia and Malaysia. This chapter uses a political approach through cultural diplomacy. Conventionally, diplomacy is defined as negotiations made by officials of a country, as parties representing the interests of the country. However, in its development the perpetrators of diplomacy expanded to the private sector or individuals who represent the interests of the state with the government’s approval. The meaning of cultural diplomacy is narrowed down to a diplomacy that utilizes cultural aspects to fight for national interests on an international scale. Cultural diplomacy is also concerned with techniques that exploit the dimensions of cultural richness and its constituent elements in relation to the respecitve nations. Culture owned by a nation can be used to strengthen international relations and show the level of civilization of a nation in the eyes of the world. (Warsito and Kartikasari, 2007) This chapter is presented to complement the pre-existing studies, which fills a research gap more focused on political aspects. The results show that scouts and scouting organizations that exist in Indonesia and Malaysia have similar functions for peace and cultural recognition. Scouting activities can be carried out between Indonesia and neighboring countries such as Malaysia, as an effort to strenghten the brotherhood. Jambore Budaya Serumpun becomes a forum for cultural recognition of each country as a means of building awareness and an understanding towards similarities between Indonesian and Malaysian culture. There is a process of cultural spreading between Indonesia and Malaysia brought about centuries ago, so this forum serves toreinforce the brotherhood between both countries.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationDissecting History and Problematizing the Past in Indonesia
PublisherNova Science Publishers, Inc.
Number of pages13
ISBN (Electronic)9781536193992
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2021


  • Cultural diplomacy
  • Indonesia-malaysia relationship
  • Jambore budaya serumpun
  • Pramuka


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