Population status of Saurauia spp. in Slamet Mountain, Central Java

H. Helmanto, R. N. Zulkarnaen, N. Fikriyya, Nisyawati, I. Robiansyah

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Saurauia is belong to Actinidiaceae family. Saurauia spreading naturally in several highlands in Indonesia including Slamet Mountain. Some species of Saurauia had been used as traditional medicines for diabetes, cancer, and cholesterol. The population of Saurauia in Indonesia has been greatly reduced. This study aims to determine its distribution, population size and population structure of Saurauia in Slamet Mountain forest area. It was conducted in 4 locations forest which are on different slopes on Slamet Mountain. Retrieval of population data by following existing track using a purposive sampling method. A measuring plot of 20x20 m2 was made at the location in which Saurauia spp. discovered. The result of this research found 636 individuals in 103 measuring plots. Which consists of 4 species of Saurauia i.e. S. nudiflora DC. (90 individuals), S. pendula Blume (382), S. microphylla de Vriese (145) and S. bracteosa DC. (19). S. microphylla and S. bracteosa are species included in IUCN red list with vulnerable status. Both species require more conservation efforts. The population structure of Saurauia found was dominated by the seedling phase around 45.91%, mature phase 36.01% and juvenile phase 18.08% with varying height and diameter.

Original languageEnglish
Article number012009
JournalIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 21 Jul 2020
Event2nd International Conference on Environment and Forest Conservation: Ecosystem Research and Innovation to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals, ICEFC 2019 - Bogor, West Java, Indonesia
Duration: 1 Oct 20193 Oct 2019


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