Political Debate in DKI Jakarta Gubernatorial Election 2017

Andi Simatupang, Ummi Salamah

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Political debate is one of important communication form during elections in this democracy era. Electoral candidates try to express their thoughts and opinions in order to attract attention and support from voters. The impact of this political debate is very diverse, there are various factors that influence the view of the information conveyed through the debate. Political debate can attract the attention of the audience because through debate, the audience can evaluate the candidate in a relatively short time, usually not more than 3 hours. This increasing number of audience may lead the vote, whether this debate will reinforce voteror instead chaging votes from one candidate to another candidate whichmay be caused by candidate's image in the public. There is different perception about political debate whether it has no effect whichthen may lead theconclusion to not hold any debate. However, the fact that the debate itself is more intense has indicated the importance of debate on each political contestation. In Indonesia, debate program is become more often from time to time which can be seen from several political contestations. In recent event - DKI Jakarta 2017 election - debate program has changed all candidate's electability. The most striking change was the electability of Agus-Sylvi whose previous electability was more than 30% relatively below 20%. At the same time, other candidates whose performance is considered better than Agus-Sylvi had gained more electability. The fact that this changes had happened during Debate Program has brought us to conclusion that debate does matter and in fact affect the election.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2017
Event1st Indonesia International Graduate Conference on Communication (IGCC) 2017 - ID, Depok, Indonesia
Duration: 1 Jan 2022 → …


Conference1st Indonesia International Graduate Conference on Communication (IGCC) 2017
Period1/01/22 → …


  • Political Communication; Political Debate; Election; Candidate Image; Brand Politic; Political Behaviour; DKI Election


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