Pilot study of food consumption pattern: Assessment of validity of dietary history method

Susilowati Herman, Yoshiyuki Ohno, Drupadi Dillon, Santoso Cornain, Goi Sakamoto, Idral Darwis, Kenji Wakai, Joedo Prihaitono, Susumu Watanabe, Esti Sutrisno, Muchlis Ramli, Setyawati Budiningsih, Sadao Suzuki, Endang Sri Roostini, Didid Tjindarbumi, Gunawan Tjahjad

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The relative validity of dietary history method was assessed against the actual dietary intake using 7 days precise weighing method performed 6-8 weeks previously. A total of 20 women, aged 24 to 56 years, participated in this pilot study. Their education level were junior and senior high school. The 7 days precise weighing method and dietary history was done by assistant nutritionist. The results of this pilot study showed that: i) 5/20 (25%) respondents could not remember the frequency of the animal fat consumed; ii) 18/20 (90%) respondents had quite good memorization close to the actual food pattern of vegetable fat, especially for coconut oi; iii) almost 90% of the respondents could memorize the frequency of using cane sugar and bread, while almost 50% of respondents failed to memorize the potato and noodles; iv) 14-16 (60-80%) respondents could remember the frequency of using beef, intestinal organs, chicken, fish, egg, and milk closed to the actual food pattern; v) most of the respondents (95%) were able to recall the frequency of consuming the green leafy vegetables as spinach, swamp cabbage, cassava leaves, katu leaves, and carrots; vi) 80% of the respondents did not have a good recall of consuming other vegetables as cucumber, sprout, etc; vii) all respondents tend to overestimate the frequency of fruits. In general, it appeared that respondents could memorize their food consumption pattern, especially for food which was frequently and regularly consumed, while they tend to overestimate the food frequency of rarely consumed food.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)183-186
Number of pages4
JournalMedical Journal of Indonesia
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 1995


  • Breast cancer
  • Food consumption pattern
  • Nutritional study


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