Ratna Saraswati, Maria Hedwig Dewi Susilowati, Tito Latif

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Learning Geography in high school has been done conventionally by lectures with contents from textbooks without props or demonstration unit. Illustrations on white boards are most often used as the only props. Whereas props could be used as means to better explained geographical phenomenon such as region‟s locations, landscape phemonenon, and others, thereby learning purposes could be met and fulfilled. The absence of props makes geography learning process ineffective, hence it tends to be boring. A prop that could be effective for geography learning is in forms of map that could make students easy to understand during the learning process, because maps could show various informations that could support geography learning according to Core Competency (KI) and Basic Competency (KD). KI and KD in high school geography student from class X to class XII, that all needs map demonstration unit for its auxiliary learning tools. From its SK and KD, map props is crucial as a learning module to better convey the lessons contents so that the learning process could be more interesting and more effective.
Keywords: interactive map, GIS, Quantum software, geography
Original languageIndonesian
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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