Peran penyiapan kerja pengemudi taksi dengan OSA dan tanpa OSA terhadap waktu reaksi dan risiko kecelakaan

Agus Dwi Susanto, Barmawi Hisyam

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Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a disease related to the decrease of alertness, psychomotor coordination, reaction time and increasing accident risk. Purpose of this research is aimed to know the role of a good working preparation for overweight or obese taxi drivers with or without OSA toward the reaction time and accident risk. Methods : Using quasi experimental design with taxi drivers BMI 23 to 29.9 as sample and proved to have mild or moderate OSA. Systematic ramdom sampling was taken from 10 taxi pools/stations within one company in Jakarta. The research was held since November 1 st ,2011 to September 30 th ,2013. OSA evaluation was done based on the clinical symptoms and the usage of portable polysomnography (PSG) during home monitoring to those taxi drivers. The drivers with or without OSA were educated about good working preparation for 3 months regularly and done personally for 6 months a head. Working preparation is a lifestyle programme consists of special working preparation for OSA and the general one. Reaction time test is done in early and at the end of the research before and after working. Accident evaluation is done 6 months before and 6 months after the intervention. Results : Totally 103 taxi drivers had participated in this research completely . 54 (52.4%) proved with OSA and 49 (47.6%) without OSA. Reaction time on the subject with OSA was slower compared with without OSA but statistically was not slightly different (p >0.05). For one year, the accident average on taxi drivers with OSA was higher than without OSA (p 0.027). Reaction time after working preparation had showed more improvement eventhough it was not significant both before and after working to taxi drivers, those with or without OSA (p > 0,05). Accident after working preparation showed decrease significantly compared before to taxi drivers, with or without OSA (p 0,001). Conclusion : Good working preparation done taxi drivers with or without OSA has improved the reaction time and decreasing the accident number.
Original languageIndonesian
JournalJurnal Respirologi Indonesia
Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2017


  • Obstructive sleep apnea, penyiapan kerja, waktu reaksi, kecelakaan, pengemudi taksi, berat badan lebih, obesitas

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