Peter E. F. Andreas

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Health risk appraisal (HRA) is probably the most widely used health education tool for promoting individual behavior change, such as health promoting to the community by care givers in Posyandu use tailored message in which describes about dental biofilms as an aethiology of dental caries disease, to remove dental biofilm is done by appropriate method and with regular toothbrush. The aim of study was to evaluate the effectiveness of oral health promotion intervention using oral health evaluation card called KMGS to increase oral health children aged 24-60 months in Posyandu. The number of respondents who signed informed consent were 54 couples mothers and children under five, they were got a complete dental examination, all care givers in Posyandu were trained by dentist how to filled KMGS to measure the risk of ECC. The effect of the oral health promotion programmes to mother by caregiver on oral hygiene (plaque score, and maturity of plaque score), were evaluated in the second and third of month. All datas were analysis used Anova test and Pearson correlation. The score 0 of maturity plaque in the last study was indicated had increase significantly (p<0.05), and score oral health behavior (score>51) of mother was increase significantly after 3 month intervention, a significant correlation between oral hygiene of children and behavior of mother (Pearson's R =0.337, p<0.05). In conclusion, oral health promotion program in Posyandu by care giver used KMGS was efficacious in improving long-term adherence to oral hygiene, especially to decrease ECC risk factor as a dental plaque.
Original languageIndonesian
JournalDentika Dental Journal
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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