Penggunaan ACE-Inhibitor untuk Mengurangi Proteinuria pada Sindrom Nefrotik

Oryza Gryagus Prabu, Hamzah Shatri

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Proteinuria is an important prognostic factor in progressivity of nephrotic syndrome. ACE inhibitor could reduce proteinuria by decreasing glomerular hydraulic pressure in renal disease. To determine the usage of ACE-inhibitor in reducing proteinuria in nephrotic syndrome. The search wasconducted in various online databases such as Pubmed®, Cochrane®, Sciencedirect®, ClinicalKey®, EBSCO®, and Proquest®, after defining the inclusion and exclusion criteria then screeningthe titles and abstracts and the authors found three relevant articles. All articles were have thesignificant reduction of proteinuria in nephrotic syndrome. In the first article, CER 0%, AER 50%,ARR 50% and NNT 1.81 with 95% CI 0.11–0.89. In second article, the urinary protein excretionafter 4,8, and 12 weeks treated with fosinopril were significantly reduced compared to the placebo(p<0.05). In the third article, the group that receive lisinopril were significantly reducing urinaryprotein excresion compared to the baseline value (p<0.0001). ACE inhibitor could signficantlyreduce proteinuria in nephrotic syndrome.
Original languageIndonesian
JournaleJournal Kedokteran Indonesia
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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