Belyamin, Rahmat Subarkah, Nasruddin

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Every year, West Kalimantan exports fresh aloevera abroad and at the same time the domestic industry imports aloevera powder produced by freeze drying process. If the freeze drying machine can be produced domestically, the aloevera product that became the mainstay of West Kalimantan can be processed in Indonesia. To achieve this long-term goal, a study that could result in freeze drying machine that can produce aloevera powder efficiently is needed. The process of designing, manufacturing and testing of vacuum freeze drying machine with condenser waste heat conducted at the Refrigeration Laboratory of Department of Mechanical Engineering UI. Vacuum freeze drying machine is designed and fabricated consisting of Chamber (there are containers placed material, the upper and lower heater) and Evaporator (cooling systems). This research has resulted a machine of freezing vacuum freeze dryers with heating condenser, working pressure -1 up to 3 millibars, the chamber temperature to minus or below 0 ºC, condenser temperature reaches 35 º C. In the drying process does not use a heating condenser then sublimation process completion time for 13 hours and obtained LOD values of ± 98.6%, while in the drying process that uses a heating condenser, it is time to 6.5 to 7 hours and obtained LOD values of ± 95 , 6%.
Keywords : aloevera, freeze drying, vacuum freeze
Original languageIndonesian
JournalJURNAL POLI-TEKNOLOGI (e-journal)
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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