Pemanfaatan Virtual Reality Untuk Meningkatkan Kemampuan Bersosialisasi Pada Klien Skizofrenia: Literature Review

Ellya - Fadllah, Rona Cahyantari Merduaty, Rr. Tutik Sri Hariyati

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Social dysfunction is a manifestation of symptoms of schizophrenia which is characterized by decreased social functioning. One of the modality therapies that can be done to improve the socialization ability is social skills interventions in the form of repeatedly and gradually socialization exercises in patients. This article aimed to explore the using virtual reality for improving social skills of patients with schizophrenia. Literature review used in this study reviewed journals collected from Clinical Key, EBSCO, ProQuest and Scopus since 2007-2019. Literature study in this scientific paper shows the result that using virtual reality in schizophrenia patient need to be applied to improve his/her social skills, though the method that already done in conventional way. Virtual reality is one of methodes that can be used to improve social skills of schizophrenia patients.
Original languageIndonesian
JournalReal in Nursing Journal
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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