Patients’ Perception Using Digital Documentation In Visual Inspection With Acetic Acid For Cervical Cancer Screening

Junita Indarti, Laila Nuranna, Dwiana Ocviyanti, Omo A. Madjid, Harry Prawiro Tantry, Raymond Surya, Ervan Surya, Muhammad Ikhsan, Kristian Alda, Tofan Widya Utami, Danny Maesadatu Syaharutsa, Suskhan Djusad, Gatot Purwoto

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Background: Digital images of the cervix with or without magnification can be used for better visualization of cervix so that it can improve the accuracy at the time of examination. This study aims to determine the patients’ perception using digital documentation in VIA for cervical cancer screening.
Methods: The cross-sectional study was conducted in Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital Jakarta from October to November 2021 to determine the patients’ perception after using digital documentation in VIA. A validated questionnaire was given to subjects before and after digital documentation for cervical cancer screening. The data were distributed descriptively for characteristic demography and paired T-test was used for the ordinal variables in the pre- and post- IVA screening questionnaires. All p-values were 2-
tailed, and the significance level was set to Results: The 958 participants were included as the sample. There were significant improvements observed on patients’ perceptions after seeing digital documentation during visual acetic acid inspection. Most subjects never had previous cervical cancer screening because they did not know about cervical cancer screening.
Conclusion: With the documented VIA, subjects’ perception toward cervical cancer screening is increasing in good manner. The most frequent causes of subjects did not undergo cervical cancer screening due to unknown information about cervical cancer screening, do not know the location of cervical cancer screening place, and do not know the benefit of cervical cancer screening.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)585-594
JournalJournal of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2022


  • Cervical cancer screening
  • documented
  • perception
  • prevention


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