Partisipasi Anggota dan Pemanfaatan Instagram dalam Interaksi Komunitas Brand Ria Miranda

Satya Herlina Armananti, Donna Asteria

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Communities can be formed from groups of people who have the same passion. In the life of modern society, the definition of community has developed so that it can form a brand community, which is a community of people with an interest in the same brand. Ria Miranda Loyal Customer (RMLC) is brand community of Ria Miranda. Community members scattered throughout the territory of Indonesia caused this community divided according to their respective regions. Geographically separated does not cause the strength of this community inferior to other communities. In every community the brand community is no exception, every member has needs that can be met through their participation in the community. Members in the brand community interact to fulfill needs and develop relationships between members. A strong community is a community that can unite a variety of individuals and can meet each other's needs and on the other hand can meet the needs of other individuals. This study aims to see how the participation of RMLC community members and the use of Instagram as a social media that supports community interaction. The results showed that interaction in the community occurred through the participation of community members consisting of member-to-member interactions and member-activity involvement. This is demonstrated through interpersonal communication done between members of the community and the involvement of members in activities organized by the community. Participation in interacting with each member can foster stronger ties between community members. Instagram plays an important role as a social media that members use to meet their needs in terms of sharing information related to brand products and references on product use. Likes and comments as an Instagram feature help build closer relationships between community members.
Original languageIndonesian
Pages (from-to)155-168
JournalJurnal Komunikasi
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2019


  • Brand Community
  • Interaction
  • Participation
  • Instagram
  • interaksi
  • komunitas brand
  • partisipasi

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