Parotidektomi radikal pada karsinoma sel asinus parotis

Marlinda Adham, Meila Sutanti

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Background: Acinic cell carcinoma is an uncommon type of parotid malignant tumour. One commonsymptom of this low grade malignancy is slowly growing parotid mass. Pain in parotid area and facialnerve paresis are important symptoms that indicate malignancy. From clinical manifestations, it is difficultto differentiate between this kind of malignancy with benign parotid tumour. Fine needle aspiration biopsyand CT scan are important in diagnosing acinic cell parotid carcinoma, and surgery is the main therapy.Purpose: We present this case to enlighten general practitioners and also otorhinolaryngologists aboutthis kind of parotid malignancy that has similar presentation with benign parotid tumour. Case: Onecase of acinic cell carcinoma of the parotis was reported. A 53 years old man was diagnosed as stage IVacinic cell carcinoma. Case management: The patient underwent radical parotidectomy. He was plannedfor chemotherapy and radiotherapy but untill now, he still refused further treatment. Conclusion: Aciniccell carcinoma is one of malignant tumour that has a good prognosis, especially if diagnosed early andadequately treated.
Original languageIndonesian
JournalOto Rhino Laryngologica Indonesiana
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2010

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