Pariwisata Sejarah untuk Generasi Milenial dan Generasi Z

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In the past two decades, Indonesian people's awareness of history has grown. This is known from the publication of various history books and historical related activities. These activities were initiated by various communities in various cities in Indonesia. They explore local history in their respective cities and hold activities in the form of tours. Tourism activities can be included in the history-based tourism category which can become a tourist attraction of each city as well as a tourism promotion event for the city. This article discusses community activities related to historical tourism and focuses on narrative forms that can be used in historical tourism activities to attract millennials and Z generation as well as tourism promotion. By tracing newspapers, both from the colonial and contemporary period and also conducting interviews with several sources, it is found that tourism activities by communities related to history existed in the colonial period. Meanwhile, the narrative that can be used to attract millennial and Generation Z generations are alternative narrative, interesting, not monotonous, and has an attachment to the locality. KEYWORDS - Millennials, Z generation, Community of History Lovers, Historical Tourism in Indonesia, Tourism Promotion.
Original languageIndonesian
JournalAbad: Jurnal Sejarah
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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