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Osteopetrosis or Albers Schonberg Disease or Marble Bone Disease is bone dysplasia hardness and brittleness of the bone as a result because of bone resorbtion and calcification of chondroid due to a failure of osteoclast function. Osteopetrosis is irritated by an abnormality of bone dentistry and bone formation, disturbances of growth and development as well as motoric development, delayed eruption, enamel hypoplasia, hypodontic, missing teeth, crowding tooth information, denture loss and disturbances permanent tooth eruption. This paper discuss about a case of Osteopetrosis in 3 years old child. Which clinically shows a delayed of physical and motoric development, prominent of the head. Dental examination there are founds many caries and 72,82 missing, From the radiographic examination there are increased of bone density, and 72, 82 agenesis. The purpose of this paper is to discuss Osteopetrosis case in dentistry, to take a role in make diagnose and prognoses. The infection which can make a death of the patient is the important thing, and this is causing of the teeth examination is never done before. The dentist plays the important role in overcome this case.

Original languageIndonesian
JournalJournal of Dentistry Indonesia
Publication statusPublished - 1999

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