Nurses’ perceptions regarding the impact of natural disasters

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Nurses are professionals engaged in the health sector. In addition, nurses can also be involved in natural disasters to reduce their impact. The impacts that arise can be in the form of physical and psychological impacts on the survivors. The purpose of this study is to understand more deeply the impact of disasters from the perspective of nurses who are tasked with assisting disaster survivors in Indonesia. This study adopted a qualitative descriptive design to dig deeper into nurses’ perceptions regarding the impact of natural disasters. Fourteen nurses who had volunteered in disaster areas participated in this study. Nurses were interviewed, then the data were transcribed and analyzed thematically. Two main themes identified in this study include (1) the negative impact of physical, psychological, and material losses after a natural disaster and (2) the positive psychological, social, lifestyle, and spiritual impact of a post-natural disaster. The findings of this study confirm previous research that many nurses know the negative impact of natural disasters and some know the positive impacts that arise after natural disasters occur. This study also shows that few nurses know and understand the positive impact after natural disasters occur. Therefore, Indonesian nurses who volunteer in natural disasters need a lot of training to assist survivors, especially to foster positive impacts after natural disasters.

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Title of host publicationImproving Health for Better Future Life
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2023


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