Narrative Policy Analysis: Trade-Off Pelayanan Dan Pengawasan Pasca Paket Kebijakan Ekonomi XV

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The XV Economic Policy Package has created gap
between control tasks and ease of doing business.
This study aims to determine the narrative
differences in implementation of The XV Economic
Policy Package, especially in simplifying the import
trade system and analyzing strategic changes in the
business process of Drug and Food Control. The
Narrative Policy Analysis (NPA) is used in this study
to analyze at the meso (group/organization) level
using interviews with Indonesian-FDA and DGCE
Officers. The study is focusing on the narrative of the
President of the Republic of Indonesia and the
response of the Indonesian-FDA and DGCE Officers
who play roles in implementing the controls.
Metanaration that appears as a solution analysis is
"an effort to reduce dwelling time and logistic costs
carried out by trade-off services that favor business
actors while still taking into account aspects of the
public health/safety protection as well as local
business competitiveness". The effectiveness of
policy implementation can be accomplished by
striving measurable trade-off which is always
maintaining service and supervision in balance;
revitalizing implementation of single risk
management integration; accelerating draft of
derivative regulations; optimizing the functions of
intelligence; performing joint training and sharing
knowledge on a regular and leveled basis.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJurnal Perspektif Bea Dan Cukai (JPBC)
Publication statusPublished - 2020


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