Methodology for implementing power plant efficiency standards for power generation: potential emission reduction

T. M.I. Mahlia, J. Y. Lim, Lisa Aditya, T. M.I. Riayatsyah, A. E. Pg Abas, Nasruddin

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Some methods of generating power such as power generation through coal, natural gas, oil result in inevitable emissions of greenhouse gases. While power generation is necessary due to its increasing demand, it is important for power companies to generate their power in an efficient manner to reduce its effect on the environment. One of the most effective ways of tackling inefficiency issues is through the implementation of efficiency standard. While there exist a lot of studies addressing the topic of energy efficiency standards, there are very few papers that deal specifically with efficiency standard for power generation plant. This paper presents methodology for the implementation of power plant efficiency standard; as mandatory or voluntary regulatory instrument, that may be implemented by the government to control greenhouse emissions from power plants. It is hoped that through its implementation, power companies shall become more conscious of their efficiency and emission quality, hereby encouraging the adoption of more efficient energy sources and latest available technologies. In this paper, methods of calculating greenhouse intensity value and its corresponding allowable ranges have been demonstrated. Case study on a 10-year-old base-load multi-fuel-fired power plant in Malaysia has shown that the power plant is in conformance to the power plant efficiency standard, with an actual greenhouse intensity of 859.4461 kgCO2/MWh sent-out, well within the allowable range of greenhouse intensities for that power plant which is between 760 and 890 kgCO2/MWh sent-out. It has also been demonstrated that older power plants are allowed to have higher values of greenhouse intensity. Benefits of utilising natural gas and operating the power plant at full load have also been shown.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)309-327
Number of pages19
JournalClean Technologies and Environmental Policy
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1 Mar 2018


  • Energy efficiency standard
  • Life cycle cost
  • Power generation
  • Techno-economic


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