Metal Contents of Lake Fish in Area Close to Disposal of Industrial Waste

Suyud Warno Utomo, Frisca Rahmadina, Bambang Wispriyono, Haryoto Kusnoputranto, Al Asyary

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This research was conducted to analyze the content of Fe, Cu, Cd, Cr, and Pb in several species of fish taken from three lakes that are close to the disposal of industrial waste in Indonesia. The fish samples were taken from three lakes, namely, Muara Angke, Weda, and Morowali. The samples from Morowali were analyzed in April 2019, those from Weda from November to December 2019, and those from Muara Angke in June 2018. All the samples were then analyzed at the Chemistry Laboratory of the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, University of Indonesia, and the Integrated Laboratory of IPB. The main results showed that all types of fish from Morowali and Weda were no longer safe to consume because they contained Fe, Cu, Cd, and Cr exceeding the threshold of metal contamination. Meanwhile, all types of fish from Muara Angke, except for ayam-ayam, are still safe for consumption. The results of this study can be a source of information regarding metal content in fish and fish feed for safe consumption. Given the high consumption rate of fish and the hazards of heavy metals on humans' health, such research must be furthered.

Original languageEnglish
Article number6675374
JournalJournal of Environmental and Public Health
Publication statusPublished - 2021


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